Who We Are

Howard Preservation is women-owned field service company dedicated to assisting loan servicers, property owners, asset managers, and government agencies with their inspection, preservation, and property servicing needs.

Our Mission & Vision

Our vision

Our Vision is to build lifelong relationships with our clients by delivering the highest level of professional service and industry expertise. Our team of contractors is committed to every job no matter how big or small to ensure our clients receive the highest returns on investments. Through respect, personal service, and professional reputation, we thrive to be the leading provider for your property preservation needs.

Mission & Purpose

Howard Property Preservation is a full-service property preservation company dedicated to providing quality repairs by trusted contractors. Howard Preservation was founded out of need to revitalize communities impacted by foreclosures or economy downturns. With over 10 years of
experience, our professionals understand the importance of maximizing your property value.
You can trust Howard Preservation to quickly prepare a property for sale, rent, or safe, habitual condition. Your end-goal is our focus to help you optimize the value of your assets quickly and professionally.

Who We Are

Our Team & Leadership

Since establishing Howard Property Preservation LLC, the company has set the highest standards for quality in the field service industry while providing cost effective and customizable solutions for our clientele.

We believe that the key to long term success is to be the best at what we do. We have made it our mission to become both the top performing vendor and client from a quality and a timeline perspective in our 5 states of operation.

We are currently offering services in the following states: Michigan, Georgia, California, Arizona and Florida. Howard Property Preservation’s corporate office is located in Dearborn Heights, MI with an additional operational site in Los Angeles, CA.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I work for other property preservation companies if I sign up with Howard Preservation?

Yes. There is nothing in Howard Preservation’s contract that will prohibit a contractor from working for other companies. Although we would love to be the only work provider for all our vendors, we understand the necessity to diversify and understand that everyone is in business to make money. If we can only offer you a handful of work orders a week in yourarea and you can handle a lot more, feel free to pick up work from others.

Who can I contact if I have questions about becoming a vendor?

You can email our vendor recruiting department. Send an inquiry to:

How does Howard Preservation handle pay disputes?

Howard Preservation has developed a quick and easy dispute process. No spreadsheets, no dispute forms, no complicated processes. All disputes are submitted individually within our work order management system on an order by order basis. After a payment inquiry is sent, a response to a dispute is provided in writing within no more than 2-3 business days,
most within 1 business day. Howard Preservation will always respond to and acknowledge pay disputes and inquiries. An explanation will always be provided on any payment questions and we want to make sure there is WRITTEN documentation of all dispute correspondence. If it is found that Howard Preservation has made a pay error and an adjustment is needed, the adjusted payment will always be paid on the following pay period
from the invoice adjustment.

What are the Insurance requirements to become a contractor?

Liability coverage is required. All 1099 contractors are required to carry a $1 Million General Liability and $1 Million Errors and Omissions Insurance from Brunswick Companies, York-Jersey or Leonard Insurance. All 3 of these carriers offer coverage specifically designed to cover preservation activities. Howard Property Preservation, LLC has to be added as an additional insured on the policy.
If this is your first time getting this coverage, the coverage amount may sound high but this is a standard amount for individual and small business and the premiums are affordable from insurance companies.
Brunswick Insurance (Request Quote) 800.686.8080
York-Jersey (Request Quote), 800.392.6958
Leonard Insurance (Request Quote), 330.266.1914

Why would my invoice get adjusted or cut?

The most common reasons for final invoice adjustments are for contractors completing work that was not approved on the work order, completing a work order after the due date without an approved extension and reporting a debris count without trailer measurement photos to support the cubic yardage.
Howard Preservation will only adjust an invoice down to protect itself from a negative client invoice adjustment. Howard Preservation does not cut invoices to make more money, it only makes adjustments where it is necessary to protect the company from non-payment from its clients. If the risk is too high, the order will be sent to follow up for correction but in cases where the condition can’t be recreated, caution is always exercised when it comes to invoice calculation.

Where does Howard Preservation get its work from?

Howard Preservation contracts with banks, private real estate firms and preservation companies to secure high volumes of work. Howard Preservation obtains its work from a diverse portfolio of clients. This diversification helps ensure Howard Preservation can maintain a consistent and more predictable workload..

About Us

With over 10 years of experience, Howard Preservation has earned the reputation as a trusted source to quickly prepare a property for sale, rent, or safe, habitual condition. Our end-goal is to help you optimize the value of your assets quickly and professionally.